QEHS Program

Quality Policy Statement


Wistron GreenTech strives to provide recycled electronic products of high quality that meet customer, legal and regulatory requirements. Top management and all employees of Wistron GreenTech are committed to producing the best quality materials and services in an environmentally responsible manner.


Wistron GreenTech utilizes the ISO 9001 (Corporate Quality), OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Safety) ISO 14001 (Environmental Quality), and R2/RIOS (Electronics Recycling) Standards to develop and implement a Quality Management System that will allow us to consistently produce quality products, measure and analyze our processes, and continually improve the quality of our products and processes in order to enhance customer satisfaction.

 The following principles guide our daily activities:

• Passion for Process Improvement

• Commitment to Environmental Compliance, and Safety

• Leadership in Quality in Electronics Recycling

• Adherence to Established Standards and Best Practices


Quality Program Details


The Quality Program at Wistron GreenTech was founded on the R2/RIOS centerpieces. In February 2014, we completed the quality transition by completing certification for the ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, and ISO 14001 standards, after the R2/RIOS recycling standard was firmly established. Wistron GreenTech is dedicated to high quality operation based on an effective quality programs


Our facility and organization are directed by the aforementioned quality plans that are structured to address the purpose of each procedure or operation. Corporate and facility procedures and work instructions are directed toward the administrative, purchasing and manufacturing functions. Document control, EHS, and production changes have quality procedures that ensure the necessary uniformity and consistency between the basic manufacturing steps.


The ISO, OHSAS, & R2/RIOS procedures address all facets of the operational, environmental, and recycling administration process. Work instructions address items such as required training, operational instructions, safety requirements, risk, and process control. Procedures have been implemented that establish the process for identification, review, control and disposition of non-conforming material. Processes for preventive and corrective action have been put into practice to correct and prevent recurrence of, or improve, known quality issues. Wistron’s EHS monitoring programs maintain established procedures including use of risk assessment guidelines. Each supplier, agent or subcontractor utilized is required to meet our ISO, OHSAS, & R2/RIOS supplier and/or downstream due diligence qualifications. In addition, we conduct rigorous initial evaluations including inspections of potential suppliers, material transporters, and downstream vendors in accordance with established industry guidelines, and annual reviews thereafter. In 2013, we added an internal analytical chemistry lab for internal assessment of recycled materials, and wastewater. In 2014, we plan to add TL 9000 certification to our portfolio as well.


In addition, our program embraces Lean Six Sigma concepts and incorporates such practices as 5S, root cause analysis, 8D, FMEA, PHA, DMAIC, and TPS into our operations.