I.T. Assets

Wistron GreenTech deals with every type of I.T related asset. We provide many of our customers with Asset Management Services and End of Life processing. These services provide us with new and excess inventory as well as used equipment that we resell for reuse. Wistron GreenTech then provides revenue from these sales back to the customer. This allows our customers the highest possible return on their initial investment. Obsolete equipment is recycled. This recycled material will later be used in the manufacturing of new products.

We also buy and sell wholesale lots of both new and used I.T equipment.


For more information please contact: Wgtx_Sales@Wistron.com

I.T Assets we process
Computers Projectors Keyboards & Mice
Laptops Telephones Speakers
Tablets Telecommunications AC Adapters
Servers Hubs / Routers / Switches Docking Stations
Server Racks Enterprise Equipment UPS-Battery Back UPS
LCD / LED Displays Mainframe Surge Protectors
CRT Monitors Midrange Wire / Cords
Printers Test Equipment Accessories
Fax Machines Paper Shredders  
Copiers Televisions  
Plotters Point of Sale  
Cell Phones/PDAs Barcode Equipments