Wistron Corporation is a leading Original Design and Manufacturing (ODM) firm providing technology services to leading makers of Information, Communication and Technology ( ICT) products. After 25 years as the Design, Manufacturing and Service arm of Acer, Wistron became an independent company in 2001 and was listed on the Taiwan stock exchange in 2003.
Wistron currently employs more than 75,000 people worldwide and generated more than $20.8 billion in revenues during 2013.

In 2011, Wistron established a Green Recycling Division in order to add recycling as a key element to the Wistron portfolio of Technology Services (see slide). The company formed under Green Recycling Division to develop and provide electronic recycling services in the US is Wistron GreenTech in McKinney, Texas.


Wistron GreenTech provides a full complement of I.T. asset recovery and refining services from our recycling campus in McKinney, Texas.

Below is a summary of the Wistron GreenTech milestones:

January, 2011 Established I.T. asset recovery services in Grapevine, Texas providing data security, repair and resale services for all types of electronic equipment
December, 2011 Achieved R2/RIOS certification
May, 2012 Commenced Printed Wire Board (PWB) contract refining business
September, 2012

Initiated scrap plastic procurement business to provide U.S. source material for Wistron Advanced Materials operation
(Kun Shan, China)

March, 2013 Moved Wistron GreenTech operations into permanent facility (200,000 ft) in McKinney Texas
May, 2013 Began sorting batteries from electronics as the designated southwest partner to Call2Recycle
September, 2013 Achieved TCEQ (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality) Certificate
February, 2014 Achieved Certificate of Certification for ISO 9001:2008
February, 2014 Achieved Certificate of Certification for RIOS:2006
February, 2014 Achieved Certificate of Certification for R2:2008
February, 2014 Achieved Certificate of Certification for ISO 14001:2004
March, 2014 Achieved Certificate of Certification for OHSAS 18001:2007

Wistron was established in 2001 to provide Design, Manufacturing and After-sales Services to our clients. At this time, Wistron was part of the growing Original Design and Manufacturing (ODM) industry. In 2010, Wistron added Cloud Computing and Electronic Product Recycling services. Wistron now offers a robust set of services to clients as we evolve toward being a Technology Service Provider (TSP) as pictured below. Wistron GreenTech in McKinney Texas provides Electronic Product recycling services to clients in the North American region.”

Technology Service Provider